Ziggity T-Max

Ziggity T-Max

מערכת שתיה Ziggity Ace Active TL
מערכת שתיה - Ziggity T-Max
מערכת שתיה - Ziggity T-Max
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Turkey Adults

 the only self cleaning, built-to-survive adult turkey drinker

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Abilities and advantages

Growing Big, Healthy Birds

Finishing turkeys requires birds to get ample hygienic water. Turkeys have poor eye-to-beak coordination, so we created a large target that turkeys can’t miss. T-Max is designed to dispense fresh water with each drinking action, while minimizing spillage. Birds grow big. Litter stays dryer, reducing ammonia release for healthier flocks.

Self-Cleaning Drinkers

T-Max tips and rotates while the turkey drinks. It is not a stationary drinker like cups used on other systems. This action swishes water around, cleaning the drinker inside, eliminating many hours of scrubbing required for traditional bell drinkers. Plus, field tests show that litter tilling can be reduced or eliminated.

Built To Survive

Turkey’s have the ability to rapidly wear out watering systems. Ziggity’s shock-absorbing flex-stem allows the entire drinker to “give”, absorbing aggressive turkey behavior, eliminating breakage and potential leaks.

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