מיכלי תערובת - StorgaeLine
מיכלי תערובת - StorgaeLine
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Turkey pullets, Turkey Adults, Broiler Breeder Males , Laying Hens , Free Range Layers, Broilers, Broiler Breeder Pullets , Layer Pullets, Broiler Breeders, Layer Breeders

Extensive range of feed storage

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Abilities and advantages

Excellent feed flow
  • Obstruction free hopper plates with smooth protective coating on the inside.
Keeps feed fresh and nutritious
  • Heavy galvanization and undulated sheets reduce temperature fluctuations inside the bin.
Durable and maintenance friendly
  • Galvanization 25% above standard.
  • Solid construction conform to German DIN-norm (DIN18194).
  • Encapsulated bolts on the outside to prevent corrosion.
  • 5 year-warranty against perforation by corrosion!
Wide range of capacities
  • Four different diameters with volumes from 3,9m³ to 49,8m³.
  • Bins for pneumatic or mechanical filling.

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