Prinzen PSPC7

Prinzen PSPC7

מערכת האבסה Poolai

chicken type:

Laying Hens , Broiler Breeder Pullets , Broiler Breeders, Layer Breeders

Seven row egg packer for setting hatching eggs

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Abilities and advantages

The PSPC 7 is used for setting hatching eggs on to setter trays; this seven row packer is unique in its operational method. The PSPC 7 is capable filling many sorts of “offset matrix” or honeycomb tray patterns such as setter trays from Buckeye, Jamesway, Chick Master or HatchTech of various numbers of eggs per tray.

This machine also has the capability to use with 30 cell fibre or plastic trays. This, together with the gentle transfer explains the continuing success around the world. PSPC 7 packers include automatic nest conveyor belt control via pressure switches on the packer infeed belt.


99.7% eggs packed point down

Simple to operate

Gentle handling

Very low maintenance

Capacity: 20,000 eggs per hour.