Prinzen PSPC5

Prinzen PSPC5

Prinzen PSPC5

chicken type

  • Broiler Breeders,
  • Layer Breeders

Seven row egg packer for setting hatching eggs

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Abilities and advantages

The PSPC 5 is used for setting hatching eggs directly on setter trays with a parallel matrix, such as the 150 and 90 egg tray types from Petersime, Pas Reform or HatchTech as well as on 30 cell trays (carton or plastic).

PSPC 5 packers include automatic nest conveyor belt control via pressure switches on the packer infeed belt.


  • 99.7% eggs packed point down
  • Simple to operate
  • Gentle handling
  • Very low maintenance

Capacity: 20,000 eggs per hour

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