Layer Cages System

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    Layer Cages System

    מערכת תאי הטלה
    מערכות תאי הטלה מותקנות בלול
    מערכת תאי הטלה
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    Laying Hens

    Layer Cages System

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    Abilities and advantages

    POULTRY division of “Hapach Metal Industries” has been and continues leading company in Israel for production and installation of Layer Battery Cages.

    To provide the optimum micro-environment per bird we developed a progressive model mainly for hot climate countries.

    The cage is wide and spacious, hard floor, moderate slope wide eating area and plenty of water supplies enables the layers to express the genetic potential.

    An automatic feeding and eggs collection system can be assembled on the battery.

    These days we are upgrading the product and a number of technical changes.

    We have added hard plastic parts that reinforce the front of the cages and very help in smooth motion of opening and closing the mesh sliding door.

    The Plasson saddle types Cup drinker which connect to the side wall supply a large amount of water that is consumed by four birds.

    The Aluminum trough feeder is durable product for a long period.

    The popular model – HAPACH 503 is available in two options 2 tiers or 3 tiers.

    A specifics cage for artificial insemination in breeders flock is available subject to a special order.