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Every successful project begins with one small idea – The STAND UP department is with you from the very start to the product’s display.

Planning, concept, design and implementation – all in one place and to your complete satisfaction

Our professionals will yield the perfect solution for your requirements, through a multitude of ideas, precise definition of the customer’s needs, creative and innovative designing, geometric and tight planning and high-level of production combining various materials.

We are with you from start to finish, executing the project to excellence, even at the final installation in the requesting points of sale.

None can argue with success stories; accordingly, we’ve presented you with examples of display solutions, which were produced by our department, along with the success stories of our satisfied customers.

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Success Stories

The Coca-Cola success story


Three years ago, the STAND UP creative and planning department designed a unique stand for displaying soft drinks of a variety of sizes and styles for the Coca-Cola Company. The unique design, the full functionality and the added features, which accurately answered the company’s needs worked to Coca-Cola’s satisfaction, convincing them to switch to our stand as their brand’s display stand. For three consecutive years, the STAND UP department has been manufacturing specifically designed display stands for the Coca-Cola Company, which they distributes to their retailers on a regular basis, out of the Coca-Cola stand inventory warehouse.

Other major retail chains, like Rami Levy and Victory, appreciated the stand, and made it their chain’s display stand for all types of beverages which are sold in their stores.

קוקה קולה- גנריfinal2

Familiar with the territory

After researching and observing the usage in practice, and the diverse needs of the customers and the retailers, we added additional functions, such as lighting, fast disassembling and reassembling, and different color combinations to match the brands. In addition, we built the stand with different variations, which allow for adjustments for beer bottles and drink cartons.

From start to finish

We supplement the Coca-Cola Company and the retail chains throughout the manufacturing process of this stand; beginning with the planning stage, through the designing process, and the modifications necessary to meet the specific display needs of each order, to the refining of the stand which allowed for easy transport and assembly, low weight, a comfortable positioning and more. The design of the stand is contemporary and up-to-the-minute, and corresponds well in the Coca-Cola Company’s marketing niche.


Launching Prigat’s “Flavors of the Season” soft drinks

The Prigat Company is currently launching new flavors, marking the 70th anniversary of Kibbutz Gat. Kibbutz Gat has provided us with the graphics portraying the spirit of the event, and we took the main elements and translated them into display facilities with three-dimensional elements. The thought process was lengthy and fertile, and the results – amazing.

We got the graphic scheme of the Kibbutz; the studio’s thinking-team assembled and deliberated, and extracted some major elements: language, emphasis and the personification of the elements. The essence of the customer’s brief was the kibbutz – Agriculture, love of the land, farming tools and nostalgia. Our creative team transformed the sketches into vivid human figures, in splendid three-dimensional designs.

פריגת קטן

Much consideration was given to creating a unique design element that gives the feeling of days gone by, where children might hand you an orange out of their wagon; and this was reflected in the stands we produced for the event, and provided a sensation of vitality in each bottle.

After the project was completed, we received very favorable commendations from the organizers of the event, who professed that we achieved their exact intentions, and maybe even beyond…