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מערכת שתיה - Ziggity Activator
מערכת שתיה - Ziggity Activator
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chicken type:

  • Turkey pullets

Activator drinkers are a healthy alternative to bells for young turkeys

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Abilities and advantages

Activators are a healthy alternative to bells. Results prove it. 

Young turkeys raised on Ziggity’s revolutionary Activators perform better than turkeys raised from start to finish on bells. This is due to the Activator’s innovative design.

Water is only released into each Activator when turkeys drink. As a result, water stays fresh and hygienic. And because very little water is spilled, the litter remains dry, and ammonia release is significantly reduced. 

This in turn promotes stronger, healthier turkeys throughout the entire production cycle. Activators provide better feed efficiency, lower medication costs, less mortality, improved litter and bird quality. 

No wonder turkey producers have found Ziggity Activators essential for improving their bottom line! 


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