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Flex Auger

Flex Auger
Flex Auger
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Turkey pullets, Turkey Adults, Broiler Breeder Males , Laying Hens , Free Range Layers, Broilers, Broiler Breeder Pullets , Layer Pullets, Broiler Breeders, Layer Breeders

Ideal for feed supply to livestock houses

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Abilities and advantages

Wide range of applications
  • Capacities from 500 to 4800 kgs per hour.
  • Safe transport of different kinds of feed (pellets, mash, home mixed rations, …)
  • Mixing of two feed types with FLEX-AUGER™ mix.
Brings feed undamaged to the animals
  • Secure, rotating centerless auger made of flat wire.
  • Pellet guides at intake keep pellets intact.
  • Low friction NOVICOR™ tubes prevent sticking of feed.
Durable, user friendly and easy maintenance
  • Easy control via inspection hatches in control unit and intake boot.
  • Heavy-duty, UV- and temperature resistant NOVICOR™ tubes and elbows (*).
  • Reliable safety switches (mechanical or sensor)
  • 10-year warranty on auger!
    (*) Metal elbows for transport of abrasive feed (layer feed, home mixed rations, …)

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