Solutions for the Poultry Market

Systems and Products

POULTRY is the primary division of Hapach Metal Industries.

It is the central core of the company since 1949.

POULTRY division is Israel’s leading in the chickens industry.

POULTRY is offering a variety of the best solutions over the coops: Thorough Restoration houses , Feeding systems Drinking systems, Feed Bins , Climate Control Side Curtains, Cooling Pads, Fans, Automatic Nest systems, Manuel Nests, Battery Cages, Crates for chickens transportation, EggsCare Trolleys, Welded Mesh Fences and more..

Hapach is exclusive representatives of veteran’s producers such: Roxell, Ziggity, Vencomatic, Prinzen,

The POULTRY division is using brand names equipment as Plasson, Hire Hand, Munters and more.

Expert and experienced team of POULTRYworks with clients to plan the necessary changes, and then make the project schedule is set while maintaining the quality of professionalism.

On this page, you will find a variety of products for the poultry industry , ranging from water and feeding systems, through Eggs layer cages and transportations cooling, heating and ventilation systems, to security welded fence.