Solutions for the Poultry Market

Planning, consulting and support for projects in the poultry industry

“HAPACH” is the leading company in Israel in poultry solutions.
We execute projects of all varieties: upgrading, transformation, renovation, facelift, expansion and personalized customization in any type of poultry house. We combine an immense human capital of engineers, planning and execution staff, agricultural technicians, along with the most advanced technologies which can be found on the market today, to create the optimal growing conditions for the poultry house’s occupants.
Our extensive cooperation in this industry enables us to provide comprehensive and appropriate solutions to the entire range of demands within the poultry industry, to any customer, from the largest to the smallest. We stock a large variety of poultry house related products and spare parts, and maintain cooperation and shippingagreements with giant manufacturing companies in the poultry industry. This allows us to executeprojects, upon demand, swiftly and efficiently, and in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


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    Success Stories

    Success Story at the Salit coop


    The workers settlement of Salit (est. 1979) is located in the area of East Sharon near the Green Line, in the Samarian Regional Council.

    Over the years, a ranch covering an area of about eight acres was established.

    In early 2009, HAPACH’s POULTRY Department received a request from B.R.M. of Kibbutz Ma’anit to meet at the Salit chicken ranch, in order to check the option of converting the ranch from a broiler (meat) ranch, into a heavy laying hen ranch.

    The sight that hit us upon arrival was a mixture of different types of coops, some of which were extremely old and out-dated, equipped with run-down feeding systems which had long been obsolete, worn-out chicken-feed silos and conveyor systems, torn curtains, dilapidated electrical closets etc. Next to these worn-out coops were a few newer coops which were not suited for maintaining a heavy-laying hen coop.

    poultry projects - slaitpoultry projects - slait

    Within a few weeks we sent B.R.M a detailed plan with specific details on how we planned to convert the current settings into a working state of the art heavy-laying hen ranch. The program included a thorough renovation of the older coops, which included foam treatment on the roofs, replacement of nets, curtains, feeding systems – HAPACH METAL INDUSTRIES produced reproduction canals, water systems, electrical panels and cabinets, and most importantly- a detailed schedule for the project, start to finish.

    Once the quote was approved, we were off.

    Restoration and assembly teams of HAPACH METAL INDUSTRIES were off to work, and within ninety days transformed the Salit ranch into a state of the art heavy laying coop, seeing the project through to the full satisfaction of our very professional customers- the B.R.M. company from kibbutz Ma’anit.

    poultry projects - slaitpoultry projects - slait


    poultry projects - slaitpoultry projects - slait