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Planning, design and production of recycling containers

At the METAL department, we perform the planning, designing and production of recycling containers for all varieties of materials. We provide the appropriate recycling  container for each and every recyclable material, ensuring complete compliance and full functionality, and combine the comprehensive knowledge and the extensive experience with professionalism and dedication.

מתקני מיחזור עבור תאגיד המיחזור אל"ה למוסדות ובתי ספר
מתקני מיחזור עבור תאגיד המיחזור אל"ה למוסדות ובתי ספר
מתקני מיחזור עבור תאגיד המיחזור אל"ה למוסדות ובתי ספר
מתקן מיחזור לבגדים

Success Stories


Design process of recycling container for clothes


Several years ago, one of the largest companies in the country for recycling clothes (the identity of which is confidential), sent us a specification, listing the requirements for sturdy recycling facilities. The product requirements were complex, and involved a large number of parameters which should be taken into account, in order to create a unified and comprehensive solution.

Based on the research that we have conducted, and from the intensive study of the needs on-site, we succeeded in producing a quality product, both reliable and durable, that meets the customer’s specification and his design requirements. These facilities included functions of outdoor durability, automatic truck emptying, without the need for human contact, and obtainability in a variety of standard sizes, according to the distance of the container from the main emptying station.

As a result of a combination of first class engineering planning, along with progressive and inspired industrial design, the product that we produced has been utilized for many years by the company, who has been ordering the production of this product periodically, on a regular basis. The contracting company is extremely pleased with the facility that serves their needs most accurately, and even referred other similar companies to us, for consulting services and for production of various recycling products.

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