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Engineering and industrial design services

The METAL department employs industrial engineers and designers, who provide engineering planning and industrial design services, for a wide range of fields. The department manufactures custom made products, according to the customer’s specifications. We provide on-site installation and assembly services for the product, upon demand, following the comprehensive and in-depth support, through the process of planning, designing and production.
The department’s services consist of comprehensive solutions for various industries; whether in the recycling, transportation, storage or logistics fields, or in the industrial and agricultural related fields, in which a new product requires specific attributes, the department’s expert team will find the perfect solution.

לוקרים ידניים BOXit שאנחנו ייצרנו פליינג קרגו
לוקרים ידניים BOXit שאנחנו ייצרנו פליינג קרגו
לוקרים ידניים BOXit שאנחנו ייצרנו פליינג קרגו

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