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“HAPACH” Metal Industries was established in 1949 by its founder, the late Mr. David Berger. Today the company is run by its loyal next generation, the Hankin family.

It All began here...

hapach history
  • Here is where it all began

    At the onset

    In 1949, a year after the founding of the State of Israel; in the times when a road was still a distant dream, dunes reigned in the country, and the local economy was still in its infancy; alongside the enemy’s shelling and the surrounding threats; a small dream of one family began to materialize.

    The 50’s – The late David Berger emigrated with his family from Czechoslovakia, carrying with him a dream – to build a metal industries factory , which will serve the entire industry, and will answer the customers’ needs with dedication, courtesy, accuracy and efficiency. Early on, the factory employed ten workers, who provided a range of support to the Israeli agricultural industry in its early stages. Little by little, the company evolved, increased the number of its customers, expanded its operation and recruited additional professionals.

    The 90’s

    During its forty years of operation, the company has undergone many changes, along with the changes that the young state was experiencing; until the year of 1989, when the subsidiary company, Agrotop, was founded, as a company which provides special structures for the poultry industry and for the general industry. In subsequent years, the cooperation between Hapach Metal Industries and the Agrotop company, had positioned the company at the top of the list of leading companies in this field.

    During these years, Hapach Metal Industries gained international reputation, and began exporting its products to overseas farms. The international activity included the construction of large-scale projects; the planning, designing and manufacturing of advanced systems, and the execution of large projects in the foreign customer’s site.

    The 2000s

    In 2001 the company was acquired by Nahum Henkin, who preserved the company’s familial and Zionist character, the high moral values, the precision and the meticulous care which remained since the founding of the State, adding to it the innovation, the high efficiency and the advanced technology of the 2000’s.

    During these years the company moved into its huge new facilities, in Moshav Timurim, by Kiryat Malachi, in the southern region of Israel. The factory was equipped with the latest machinery; and constant improvement and quality control procedures were implemented concerning the factory’s technological possibilities.

    2017  – Nahum Henkin of blessed memory.

    On February 24th 2017 Hapach Metal Industries Ltd. And Agrotop Ltd. lost a very dear and important figure and role model to us – Nahum Henkin. While travelling with friends on vacation in Cuba, Nahum was  killed in a car accident.

    Nahum’s personal contribution to the Poultry industry was tremendous, as well as his personal involvement in all other aspects and areas of activity in our two companies. His joy of creating and making, his love of technological innovation as well as dedication and willingness to supply the best possible product and be a leader – these are all core principles and values that guided us in the past and continue to guide our company today. Nahum’s tremendous presence continues to lead the companies he so loved and nurtured.


    And nowadays

    The company has joined together its innumerable agricultural and industrial successes in Israel and worldwide, added its extensive experience to advanced technology, and continues to vigorously seek constant improvement. The abundance of solutions offered by the company for each client continues to surprise and innovate in this field, and to maintain the smile on the faces of the company’s satisfied customers.

    Join this family of winners! You are welcome to contact us, and see how Hapach Metal Industries can meet all your needs.

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