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importing, exporting, and marketing of metal and agriculture products

Hapach Metal Industries LTD. was founded in 1949 by David Berger.

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    About the firm

    Hapach Metal Industries is the leading company in Israel for manufacturing, importing, exporting, and marketing for a wide variety of products made for the industry and agriculture fields. With over 60 years of experience the company was and still is very active in these fields, and provides a high standard and precise reply to its satisfied clients.

    Areas of practice

    • The company provides a wide variety of services to the poultry field in Israel and other countries, and has a continuous connection with its clients providing services as: maintenance, installation, escorting and consultancy.

    Our company believes

    We believe in innovative technology, in a quick and efficient response, in creative solutions and in individual escorting of each client, from the idea stage and up to the implementation and maintenance stages. Our employees are the best professionals in their fields: engineers, industrial designers, creative ideas team, experienced production workers and a customer service team who provides a response for every request or need.
    We have an obligation to the company’s good and successful reputation, and gain more and more satisfied customers from the industrial and agricultural fields from all over the world. Thanks to our comprehensive cooperation with complementary companies and with our subsidiary Agrotop, we succeeded building a situation in which we can provide comprehensive solutions to all our customers’ needs, in reasonable prices and a non competitive service.
    Metal industries from a good home
    As a company which started to work from home, our families beliefs and values led the way for the company. The joy from working and achieving, our love for industrial innovations, our devotion and our willingness to provide the best production and to be leaders in the metal industries, are values that guided our way and still lead the units and employees of Hapach metal industries.
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