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מערכת מסוע - Vencobelt

chicken type:

  • Laying Hens ,
  • Free Range Layers,
  • Layer Breeders

conveyor system designed for gentle handling of both hatching and table eggs

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Abilities and advantages

The Vencobelt is ideal for bringing eggs from the barn to a common egg room, which makes for simpler collection. 

The Vencobelt is designed with ease of use in mind, from the built in oiler to keep the belt lubed, to various size sections available in 45 degree corners, 90 degree corners, incline/decline sections and of course the straight section. 

Using these sections allows the belt to make tight corners and fit in to small areas. 

The Vencobelt can bring eggs to either a standard hand collection table or a PSP Egg Packer. 

To maximize the retrofitting potential the Vencobelt can be supported on legs, or hung from the ceiling. 

The aluminum frame and plastic egg carriers are light enough to hang from most standard construction, but strong enough to be stable in the most active areas of the operation without injuring eggs. 

It also is very low maintenance. There is only one drive chain in the system, and uses one motor for 100 meters of belt. The Vencobelt also is Self-maintaining with it’s own oil lubrication system.

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